1. All regular divisions are allowed 7 players on their roster. Show Me The Money, Co - ed, and 30 and over divisions are allowed 8 players.
2. Players are allowed to participate on multiple teams (Must be on entry form roster or legal substitute). Players may NOT sign-up within the same age/experience category. In the event of a conflict in scheduling the player(s) will be responsible for choosing which team they play with. Players will need to decide on which team to play if there is a game time conflict.
Show Me the Money players cannot play on any other regular men’s team. 
3. Once your roster is sent in there will be no refunds and substitutions, which includes filling open spots. Subs can only be made by following the procedure listed below.
4. Substitution(s) will be allowed before your first scheduled game. The following guidelines must be followed for a substitution to take place: • The substitute(s) must fit the criteria of the division (experience & age). • The substitute(s) must have valid identification. • Team captain must be present.     • Each substitute will cost forty dollars ($40) payable with a money order or cash only,